Overlook Area EMS Council

Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2011




Atlantic Health

Berkeley Heights RS


Dr. Mastro

Chatham EMS


Jennifer Moran, RN

Elizabeth Fire EMS


Joe Maratao

Fanwood RS


Kristy Rodriques, RN

Mountainside RS


Lori May

New Providence EMS


Lou Faraone, RN

Roselle Park EMS


Mike Pizzano

Scotch Plains


Jennifer Moran, RN

Springfield FAS


Sharon Kelly, RN

Union EMU

Union FD

Warren Township RS



Watchung RS

Westfield RS






Emergency Room:

Sharon and Jen reminded everyone of the EMS Dinner on 5/19 and to get the aware nominees in with pictures and write up. There is a pillow cabinet by Room 27/28 over the blanket warmers (not labeled.) For EMS week there will be snacks and drinks for the day and night crews. A question raised on when the linen machine is stocked Lou said at 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. If it is empty, call the 800 number on the machine fob. Everyone was reminded that squads should enter only thru the squad door. Patients should not go to Fast Track or triage by the squads, only by the ER nurses; dont take the patient to either spot yourself. If you are sent there, contact Sharon Kelly. If you lose your key to the door, there is a $25 replacement charge.


Dr. Mastro reported that in April the ER saw 5,002 patients which is up 9% year over year; patients coming from all municipalities; 30% by EMS and 2 out of every 5 are admitted. They admitted 1,450 patients from the ER in April, 40% of admissions are adults. He also spoke about two cases with great door to balloon times.


Union Campus:

Lou reported that Springfield is using the facility a lot.



Lori May reported that with the summer coming to please be sure that the A/C is on and working in the back of your rigs. There will be some courses coming up on Trauma, Triage and Transport and EMT classes over the summer. Atlantic is still taking the NJ Training Fund forms. The Millburn Fall class will not be run by Millburn as in the past although Atlantic may take the time spot. She spoke about the expanded hours for the new classes some are 220 hours (Rutgers and Bergen County.) There will be several Core 13 classes too. The state will be re-certifying EMT instructors starting in June.


MICU: No report


Joe reported calls are up; the entire state is in the CAD and all streets are being updated. He spoke of having some in-services with the agencies and squads they dispatch for so that logistics can be worked out and the agencies know the dispatchers. Mike Pizzano reported that he is running Cencom due to a re-organization of Atlantic Ambulance due to growth. Tony is the manager of 911 contracted towns, Sue Caputo is handling transport/critical care transport. Mike stated he will be in charge of business development and to contact him if you need information on being dispatched by Cencom. Send an email and copy Gareth. Dan Sullivan reported that Scotch Plains is very happy with Cencom dispatching them. A question was raised about the EMS Mutual Aid Channel not being answered Joe will look into it as it is a channel that needs to be monitored. Roselle Park still trying to get their laptops Mike will check on it and take care of them.


New Business:



Old Business:

Sue Meyer asked if anyone was interested in running for President or Vice President as she hadnt heard from anyone. Dan Sullivan stated that Kari Phair was interested in being President and he wanted Vice President. Kari was absent but will be the President for next year.


Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm


Respectfully submitted

Sue Meyer

President - OAEMSC