Overlook Area First Aid Council

Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2003

Squads In Attendance:

  • Berkeley Heights Vol Rescue
  • Callmen's EU
  • Cranford FAS
  • Fanwood Rescue Squad
  • Long Hill First Aid Squad
  • Mountainside Rescue Squad
  • New Providence EMS
  • Springfield First Aid Squad
  • Summit First Aid Squad
  • Watchung Rescue Squad
  • Westfield Rescue Squad
  • Atlantic Health System Representatives

    • Jim Itzcovitz, MD Overlook ER
    • Pat Gabriel, RN Overlook ER
    • Phil Kreie, Cencom
    • Gareth Williams, CenCom
    • Deborah Timpson, MICU
    Meeting called to order at 8:05 pm by President Sue Meyer.

    Emergency Room

    Pat Gabriel reported that Stage 1 will be completed by the end of September. This is the driveway, parking area, lobby, waiting area, pediatric ER and waiting room. The bumpers will be moved. The awning company is coming on Thursday, and we will be getting a sink so that we can clean up our equipment.

    EMS Dinner

    Pat reported that the EMS Dinner will be Wednesday, May 21st at 6:00 p.m. Cardiology has requested to speak with us on new interventions and pre-hospital cardiac situations. Pat also asked for feedback regarding the awards this year from each squad.

    AED Computer

    It was reported by several squads that the AED computer doesn't work if you try to print out from an FR2 chip. It will be looked into.


    Deborah Timpson is the action site supervisor for the MICU in Ann's absence Her phone is 908-522-2864 if you need to speak with her on an MICU matter.

    Nurse/Media Liaison

    We will be working to get this program back up and running.


    Howie Meyer reported that the Epi Pen bill passed and training protocols are being worked on. Deborah asked that the MICU be notified when the BLS units start carrying these. The LMA is still a pilot program in Hunterdon.


    Gareth reported that Cencom handled over 111,000 calls in 2002. They are taking on three new agencies and there are more coming. Ken Herr from Summit expressed a concern regarding timing if Cencom is handling all these calls. Gareth stated that they are constantly reviewing call processing times, types of calls etc. Diane Ficacci from Berkeley Heights questioned the medic dispatch to certain types of calls in accordance with the guide cards being used. Gareth stated that medics are dispatched depending on the responses received to certain questions asked by Cencom. Discussion followed regarding a particular call in Berkeley Heights.

    Diane, Valerie (Berkeley Heights) and Sue Meyer questioned the ALS releasing to BLS on trauma calls, and the Medics then telling the BLS that they must take the patient to Morristown. Upon arrival at MMH, the ER then questions why we don't have the medics and when told they released to BLS, questioned why the patient was brought MMH instead of OVH. Dr Itzcovitz wanted to see the details on the calls in question, but his thoughts were to "over call" on trauma and err on the safe side.

    Old Business

    Howie Meyer mentioned that the Fire Services act passed and all reference to EMS was eliminated.

    New Business

    Sue Meyer asked for nominations for President, VP and Secretary. If anyone interested, contact Sue.

    Howie mentioned that the Governor is attempting to take $5 million from our EMT Training Fund. You'll be hearing more from him on that.

    Next meeting is Wednesday, May 14th at 8:00 p.m. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Sue Meyer, President

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