Overlook Area First Aid Council

Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2004

Squads In Attendance:

  • Berkeley Heights Vol Rescue
  • Fanwood Rescue Squad
  • Long Hill First Aid Squad
  • Millburn Short Hills VFAS
  • Mountainside Rescue Squad
  • New Providence EMS
  • Scotch Plains Rescue Squad
  • Springfield First Aid Squad
  • Summit Vol. EMS
  • Watchung Rescue Squad
  • Westfield Rescue Squad
  • Atlantic Health System Representatives

    • Jim Itzcovitz, MD Overlook ER
    • Deborah Timpson, MICU
    • Sue Caputo, Atlantic Ambulance

    The meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m. by President Sue Meyer.

    Emergency Room

    Dr. Itzcovitz reported the ER has had heavy volume recently - there were 45 ambulance runs on January 13th. The flu season was worse thru Christmas and New Years; it's a bit slower now. There has been a turnover in the nursing staff and space is still compressed. Work is continuing on the new ER. By May 1st the ER will be 80-90% of its completed size, which will be a major help. There will be 36-46 adult beds when done (15-17 now.) Only ambulances should be parking by the ER entrance; some of the signs are down.


    The squad supply room will again be moving to a shed outside temporarily. Sue Meyer asked that all squads stop by and pick up their equipment. Sue will try to get to the ER to go thru all the equipment left there and contact the squads. Pat Gabriel is out on Family/Medical leave; Linda Kosnick is covering. The Squad Liaison program was brought up; Sue will contact Linda.


    John Miksch questioned the current AED report procedure. All the hospitals seem to have the same problem with the AED computers for the Laerdal AED - unable to read Forerunner chips. Mike Smith from Long Hill said he has the software and will get a copy to Sue Meyer. He obtained it from Phillips. We need a written protocol for AED reports - Sue will ask Debbie Kapral and Linda K. The current procedure as per Debbie Kapral several meetings ago was that squads can use the Atlantic Health AED run sheet or the AED printout as long as all the information is on one of them (you don't need to do both.) She needs a copy via fax, snail mail or interoffice mail for all AED calls for Quality Control; the ER needs the reports if you bring a patient into the ER after using the AED. We will find out where to obtain more of these AHS report sheets


    No report


    No report


    Sue Caputo reported that there is a new clinical coordinator, Anthony Raffino

    Next meeting is Wednesday, March 10th at 8:00 p.m. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Sue Meyer, President

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