Overlook Area First Aid Council

Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2005

Squads In Attendance:

  • Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad
  • Chatham Emergency Squad
  • Florham Park Memorial First Aid Squad
  • Long Hill First Aid Squad
  • New Providence EMS
  • Scotch Plains Rescue Squad
  • Springfield First Aid Squad
  • Summit First Aid Squad
  • Frank Goodstein - NJSFAC 2nd District Mobilization
  • Atlantic Health System Representatives

    • Deborah Timpson, MICU
    • Sharon Kelly, RN Overlook ER

    Meeting called to order at 8:10 p.m. by President Sue Meyer.

    Emergency Room Update

    Sharon Kelly said the construction is on hold until after the flu season is over. Anticipate a mid-February restart. The first aid room is not up to par; Sue M will go thru and contact squads with equipment still there. The HEAR radio is on order - she will check on the status of the phone line. The Charge Nurse sign is in front of the computer and on the white board. If you need the charge nurse, call 522-7390. The day charge nurse is Carmen, night charge nurse is David Ray. If you have an ER problem, contact Sharon immediately via email or call (522-2148). AED computer still not working - use Debbie Kapral's forms.

    Apu from Springfield questioned whether squads are losing backboards; Carl from Summit questioned whether the driveway should be enlarged. Discussion followed.


    No report.


    Frank Goodstein said the Medivac is moving from UMDNJ to Somerset Airport - will cut response time 5-10 minutes. Phone numbers to reach them are still the same. There is an on-line divert status coming soon. First week of April is TopOff; PGA in Springfield in August with more info to follow. January 26th Union County Meeting in Westfield.


    Debbie Kapral's office is now at Overlook. She has an excellent CEU program on Gastric Bypass. EMT Basic class starting in Summit

    Howie Meyer brought up several points on pending legislation (Emergency Health Powers Act) and the JEMS article regarding fire-based EMS. The Epi Pen, LMA and combi-tube are supposed to be included in the next re-write of the regulations. If anyone has a problem regarding CEUs please contact Howie.


    Deborah again mentioned that if you have a problem or a compliment about the medics to promptly direct them to her 522-2864. Long discussion again on the medics asking the patient which hospital they wish to go to. Howie will meet with Rich Donovan to discuss situation as various solutions were discussed. Deborah asked that each squad email her with their new president and captain info. Liaison program to be revisited. Deborah also asked that squads not enter MICU treatment on the call sheets; only document BLS treatment as it causes confusion in the ER. Document time of transfer of care to MICU.

    Old Business


    New Business

    A nominating committee was chosen the discuss the positions of President, Vice President and Secretary. They were asked to report back at the next meeting with their recommendations. Voting to take place at the May 11, 2005 meeting.

    Next meeting:

    Wednesday, March 9, 2005 at 8:00 p.m. in the fifth floor conference room at Overlook.

    Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Sue Meyer