Overlook Area First Aid Council

Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2008



Squads                                           Atlantic Health System


Fanwood RS                                             Kristy Rodrigues, RN 

Florham Park FAS                                   Sharon Kelly, RN

New Providence EMS                              Jen Moran, RN           

Scotch Plains Rescue Squad                 Lou Faraone, Union                                              

Springfield FAS                                        Dr. Mastro                           

Summit Vol FAS                                       Lori May, Training Center

Warren Township RS

Westfield Rescue Squad   



Meeting called to order by Sue Meyer at 20:10

Minutes from last meeting in September were accepted.


Emergency Room

Sharon reported that the ER revisions are well underway. Walls are being moved and put up. Fast Track should be done soon and moved to the waiting room area; doctors area behind the nursing station will be opened up with a new hallway; doctors will be in the center of the ER; there will be multiple nursing stations. The current triage area will be the new waiting rooms. There will be 10-11 more rooms when complete. Psych beds will be in the back when the ER is done. It was reported that Trinitas is not being receptive to EMS – each site gets annoyed if a patient is brought there, i.e. Williamson Street send them to Jersey Street, and viceversa.



Union projected 21,000 patients for the year; only 400 short; there are 13 or 14 squads that use them regularly.



Lori handed out class schedules. She reported that there will be an accelerated EMT class in the summer; Essex County Police has a $1 million driving simulator and squads can send people there. Genesis and their vent patients were discussed; the Overlook Fellow will be evaluating the patients there as Genesis claims they are all going to be weaned from their vents.  Gagnon Heart hospital opens January 1st. There is a new security system at Morristown (no more code) and you need a card to get in. Sue M. will contact John DeSilva on behalf of the squads.  It was asked by the medics that as the weather gets cold to be sure that the heat is working in the back of our rigs. Also to shut off rigs outside the ER due to fumes. The RSI (Rapid Sequence Intervention) program will be starting. Be sure your suction is on and working if asked as the patient is paralyzed for intubation. Don’t be offended if EMTs are asked to leave the rig when the medic is performing this as they need their space to be quiet. The state mandates to medics in the back of the rig for this and the medic only gets 2 or 3 trys to make it work. Atlantic Ambulance website is a Work-In-Progress (www.atlanticambulance.org) Lori also mentioned that if your squad has students in EMT class and they do the ER time, they are not to wear EMT patches. If the student is over 18, they will need a background check before doing their ER time.


Old Business

The supplies closet is neater – keep looking out for your equipment when you come in. Sue Meyer mentioned that she went thru it earlier this year and cleared out some items. Walt complained about backboard being placed back in the room dirty. Jen will discuss with her staff.


Overlook Area FAC does have a website thru Summit EMS. Sue Meyer will check with John Staunton as he was the last ‘owner’.


EMS Charts was discussed – Overlook is not obtaining internet access for the BLS squads to use with EMS Charts.


It was also asked why there are no mutual aid agreements with Atlantic Ambulance and the BLS squads/towns.  Runnells Hospital in Berkeley Heights has a contract with Cencom that guarantees an ambulance which is why some of the volunteer squads have been sent to Runnells on calls.


New Business - none

Next Meeting

January 14, 2009 at 8:00 pm.


Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted


Sue Meyer