Overlook Area First Aid Council

Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2009



Squads                                           Atlantic Health System

Chatham Rescue Squad                         James Bilenker, MD            

Fanwood Rescue Squad                                  Kristy Rodrigues, RN 

Florham Park FAS                                   Sharon Kelly, RN

Long Hill FAS                                            Lori May, Atlantic Training Center

Millburn-Short Hills Vol FAS                    John DaSilva, MMH ER

Mountainside Rescue Squad                           Mike Pizzano, Atlantic Ambulance

New Providence EMS                             Jen Moran, RN           

Scotch Plains Rescue Squad                 Tony Raffino, MICU             

Springfield FAS    

Warren Township Rescue Squad

Watchung Rescue Squad

Westfield Rescue Squad   


Meeting called to order by Sue Meyer at 20:00

Minutes from last meeting in November were accepted.


Guest Speaker


John DaSilva, Technical Clinical Coordinator at Morristown Memorial Hospital’s ER was our guest speaker. He gave us a briefing on the security at the MMH ER. The code we all knew was changed and swipe cards were issued to only local volunteer squads and some paid squads who use MMH ER regularly. The MICU’s have swipe cards. If you arrive at the ER with an MICU, they will get you in. If you don’t have a card, there is a buzzer and a camera at the door and any person at the Charge Desk can let you in. If you have any problems, call John at 973-971-6784. If you can’t get in, you can always go to the walk-in entrance and walk to the ER.


Emergency Room

Sharon, Kristy and Jen reported that the ER is quite busy and the volume has increased drastically. They are trying to get us in and out as quickly as possible. When you come to the Charge Nurse, please have the following information ready: Patient’s name, date of birth, chief complaint, and advise if they have been to the ER previously. Jen suggested that the ER print up notepads that contain just this information and give them out to the squads. Several other hospitals have them for their squads and samples of these notepads will be given to Kristy. Jen said linens were short this week because the ER was so busy, and she’s checking why there were no blankets. The floor was being put into the new Fast Track this week and the DOH will be in the week of 1/26 to inspect – after that 5 more rooms will be open.  Jen thanked the squads that have invited the ER staff to their annual dinners. Dan Sullivan complimented Kristy on her care of a special-needs family member of one of their patients. It was also mentioned that the Fire Door in the Pediatric area is frequently blocked by stretchers. This will be addressed.



Lou was not available to attend, but Sharon reported that union is seeing 80-90 patients a day. Their plan for 2008 was 20,000 patients; they saw 19,300. They will be hiring more nurses there and want to keep the volume up.



Lori handed out class schedules. She reminded everyone of the EMS Gala at MMH on February 4th. The training website is done and all squad classes for 2009 are posted, the paramedic application is also there. She also said that the US Park Ranger’s on Ellis Island have part-time EMS positions available. The new training center is at 475 South Street in Morristown; there will be accelerated EMT classes in Flanders and Essex County. Lori also reminded everyone that if they expect to receive communications from the DOH that you need an email address on the LMS as they are only sending stuff via email. RSI is working well.



Tony reported that hypothermic treatment is not being done pre-hospital although the doctors are looking into it. He mentioned the re-structuring/re-organization of the Atlantic positions. He no longer supervises the training center, but now supervises Cencom, MICU, and the helicopter. The MICU moves are complete. Medic I is still in Mountainside; Medic II is still at Overlook; Medic III is in Chatham (daytime only); Medic 12 is at the Liberty Corner Squad building and is 24 hours. Medic 6 is covering days in western Essex County. Cencom will look for the closest Atlantic medic unit within a reasonable timeframe; then look for other closer units.


Atlantic Ambulance

Mike Pizzano was introduced as the manager of Atlantic Ambulance Company. He advised us that Eagle Ambulance from Pittstown is now owned by Atlantic Ambulance so you may see an Eagle rig around. He mentioned the unfortunately passing of his colleague Kris Hulseburg and said the services would be on Saturday at 9:30 a.m.


Old Business

The website for Atlantic Training is: www.atlantictrainingcenter.org;

Lori May’s email is: lori.may@atlantichealth.org;

Tony Raffino’s email is: Anthony.raffino@atlantichealth.org;

Mike Pizzano’s email is: Michael.pizzano@atlantichealth.org;

John DaSilva’s email is: john.dasilva1@atlantichealth.org

Sharon Kelly’s email is: Sharon.kelly@atlantichealth.org


New Business - none


Next Meeting

March 11, 2009 at 8:00 pm.


Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted


Sue Meyer