Overlook Area First Aid Council


January 13, 2010










Atlantic Health

Berkeley Heights RS


Joseph Marateo - Cencom

Chatham ES


Lori May - Training

Long Hill FAS


Kathy Ratchko - MICU

Millburn-Short Hill VFAS


Kristy Rodrigues, RN - ER

New Providence EMS


Jen Moran, RN - ER

Scotch Plains RS


Lou Faraone, RN - Union ER

Springfield FAS


Sharon Kelly, RN - ER

Summit FAS



Union EMU



Warren Township RS



Westfield RS





Emergency Room – the ER had no big surge regarding the H1N1; please remember to use ‘flu precautions’ if you transport a patient with ‘flu-like symptoms.’  The basic information pads were shown and samples given out. These, when implemented, should be given to the charge nurse and shredded when used. It will be a 3-4 month trial. Once they are printed, they will be sent to each squad for testing/comments. This is an attempt to clear out the bottleneck at the Charge Nurses’ desk.


Please do not take the blankets from the warmers for your stretchers. Patients thru the ER are up 6% from last year and the length of stay is down. The helicopter talks are still going on. New COO Mark Holtz starts next Monday.  Ryan White forms are in the ER with an envelope. Fill out and place in any interoffice envelope. The Blue Line for parking at the ER entrance will be done once the weather clears up. The equipment room will be changed to a work room with a sink, table, coffee; our equipment will go into a new storage bin outside the ER – probably in the Spring.


ER personnel going thru some changes, hiring an equipment/supply person, changing charge nurse duties; more housekeeping; trying to increase patient satisfaction and be more accountable for customer service and customer empathy; they are looking at the ‘big picture.’


Union Campus – patients up 34%, they have more Fast Track, more nurses and techs. The average “door to doctor” time is 14 minutes.


MICU – Kathy Ratchko is the new night time MICU supervisor; Barry is the day supervisor. There are a lot of new people on the trucks from NY and PA; please be patient with them.


Cencom – Joe Marateo is now with us representing Cencom. He reported that the MICU trucks all have Tom-Toms and paper maps. If your town has a new, updated map, get it to Joe so that the trucks can be updated. He also reported that Cencom is going thru each town to update the CAD system. If you have an issue where an MICU gets lost or is delayed reaching you, contact Gareth Williams and he will be able to provide a history of the route the MICU took. There are more dispatchers on at Cencom during the mornings. A mutual aid letter was sent to all municipalities; it should have been sent to the squads. Cencom wants to be each towns’ mutual aid coordinator; give them your mutual aid list and they’ll dispatch. They will reach out to the first three squads on your list; after that, they will go to a paid unit.  County laptops are available, but they are without warranties (warranties expired) – there are no mounts available for them; if you want a laptop you will have to purchase and mount it yourselves or wait for the countuy.


Training – Lori May reported that the new training website will be ready in a week and you will be able to see all Atlantic classes with Mapquest for directions. All Atlantic personnel must take the Defensive Driving with the simulator class.


Emergency Room lock down was discussed. It will be implemented shortly; lock in and lock out; a grant was received to have this done. Once it is complete, there will be a few days/a week notice to get the cards to the squads. If you don’t have the card, there will be a buzzer that rings at the Charge nurses’ station.


The 5-year EMT bill, the job protection bill, and the Emergency Service Vehicle lemon law was discussed.


Next meeting is March 10, 2010 at 8:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Sue Meyer, President