Overlook Area First Aid Council

May 12, 2010



Elizabeth Fire-EMS                                                    Jen Moran, RN - ED

Long Hill FAS                                                            Kristy Rodrigues, RN - ED

Plainfield Rescue Squad                                             Lou Faraone, RN – Union ED

Fanwood Rescue Squad                                             Lori May – Training Center

Warren Township Rescue Squad                                Kathleen Ratchko - MICU

New Providence EMS                                                            Barry Goldberg - MICU

Westfield Rescue Squad                                             Andy Fitch – Atlantic Ambulance

Chatham Emergency Squad                                      

Mountainside Rescue Squad

Summit EMS

Berkeley Heights Vol Rescue Squad

Millburn-Short Hills Vol FAS


Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm by President Sue Meyer. Minutes from last meeting accepted.


Emergency Room: EMS Dinner is set for Thursday at 6:30 pm – get nominations into Theresa ASAP.  The HEAR radio is over 20 years old and not fixable. There is no budget to replace it either. Call into ER (522-2232) via cell phone or into Cencom (522-2880) with patient information. You can also use the Union County EMS frequency to reach Cencom.  The EMS pads are in the storage closet – check with the Charge Nurse to replace yours if you are out.  The Coordinator is no longer sitting at the desk; she/he is roaming about the ER and assisting. Charge Nurse will take your patient info. As of  June 14 there will be new uniforms on the staff:  Navy for RNs; Tech’s will be in gray and pediatrics will be themed. Security and ER reps will have blue shirts/street clothes.  The storage closet is packed – please pick up your equipment. The ER will soon be locked down the grant is in for the equipment and within a month it should be installed. Sue Meyer will be notified to let squads know.


Union Campus: is now called Union Health Plaza.


The helipad application process is ongoing. It is to transport neuro patients; more at our dinner. Frank Goodstein mentioned that he heard that all patients are being billed by Overlook for transport even if going from Union to Overlook. Lou said if the patient is being admitted to Overlook, yes they are being billed; if just a transport and back, no. Medicare and Medicaid not being billed but insurance is.


Training: Lori said that they will be offering free CEUs. There is a flat fee for CEU classes now; bigger classes will cost more. More information on the 5-year certification will be available after August 1st. There will be 3 CEUs for the dinner; sign up on LMS or Atlantic’s site.


Cencom: Joe reported that more MDT are being rolled out. Computers are waiting for mounts to come in. CAD update to be finished soon; they are pulling Google maps to use; if your squad is out of Union County and wants to be on the ‘system’ is costs $800 for the workstation and you provide the laptop with wireless. Fieldcom unit is in service, will be at Berkeley Heights July 16th fireworks. There is now an Atlantic Ambulance dispatcher in Cencom to answer phones only. Mutual Aid plan still available. Discussion on the GPS units and their reliability in the rigs as some mounts don’t allow antennas to be attached and it depends on where they are mounted. Cencom now doing more emergency dispatching. Frank will get a list of all the squads who have not yet turned in their mutual aid list to Cencom. Mountainside using IAM Responding.com for response; Cencom can see if they are enroute.  MDT track route of rigs.


MICU: Barry and Kathy are out and available to meet with your squads. They are asking how your calls are going (with and without MICU). Call either one with day-to-day questions. The MD1 is our doctor in the truck – has a higher level of certification than a medic – can be requested to respond to a scene or he/she may just show up.


Morristown:  If you can’t get into Morristown because you don’t have a swipe card, call Cencom. Be careful at Morristown – more construction!


Next meeting is September 8, 2010 at 8:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted

Sue Meyer, President