Overlook Area First Aid Council


January 12, 2011





Berkeley Heights RS

Lori May, Atlantic Training

Mountainside RS

Joe Marateo, Cencom

New Providence EMS

Andrew Fitch, Atlantic Amb

Elizabeth Fire Dept EMS

Sharon Kelly, Atlantic Health

Chatham Emergency Squad

Lou Faraone, Atlantic Health

Summit EMS

Springfield First Aid Squad


Frank Goodstein



Emergency Room:

The linens and the linen machine were discussed. Much discussion on what we should get, i.e. one blanket, one sheet. Pillows are not given out, if you leave one, take one. No pillowcases as the ER is using paper ones as well as chucks. Squads are responsible for these items. There are extra blankets in the cabinet. Some agencies are also using paper sheets to save money. Linen machine is stocked twice a day at 6:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. If the machine is empty see the charge nurse and you’ll get linens. The machine is set to give your key one set every 30 minutes. If your squad is there more frequently, your key can be reset.  If you have an issue with the ER, please contact Lou or Sharon directly with the room, date and time and the issue. Squads are no longer to go to Fast Track or Triage with our patients, put the patient in a chair and give the Charge Nurse the info to sign. It is for a quicker turn around for the squads.  The doors are now key driven, if your squad doesn’t have a key due to the limited amount of calls to Overlook, there is a camera at the door to have the staff let you in. Key cards are issued 3 to a squad maximum. Sharon reported that they are working on being sure the rooms are clean but they are short staffed with only one housekeeper for 52 beds. Also, the tech’s have to stay with the psych patients by law which puts them out of service. She has many vacancies. The transport rigs are still parking in the emergency area. There are 3 spots beyond the wall but the weather has made it difficult to do.



Lori spoke about the Basic class in Bernardsville, training center working with Montclair State for an EMT class for credit; sports training with Rutgers. The training office will now be at One American Way in Morris Plains as of February 2nd.  Scotchwood Training offers free CEUs.



Joe reported that Cencom is continuing the combining process of Cencom and Atlantic dispatchers. There are 5 on during the day and 3 overnight. Working on house numbers on the data maps on the MDTs; QA is running; all dispatchers being trained; use MDT for notes; call Cencom if you are on an MDT but not dispatched by Cencom and they can arrange for a connection to be made. Cencom will be dispatching Scotch Plains Rescue Squad as of January 17th. FieldCom is available at no charge for extended events – it comes with a dispatcher. Cencom Contact: Michael Pizzano; ALS/chopper contact: Tony Raffino.



Kevin is the operational and clinical coordinator for now; Air Two is operational out of Cooper Hospital effective February 15th (it is black and red instead of black and teal.) You will see a lot of new MICU personnel as there are 12 open spots. They now have two trucks in Pennsylvania (Pike County and Eastern Region.)


Old Business:

A discussion again on patients being charged for transport between Union campus and Overlook


Discussion on whether this council should be changed to include all emergency services in the Overlook Area (paid /911 transport / volunteer) to include all Union County services.


Discussion on having a Yahoo Group created for this council. Who would monitor/moderate


Discussion on equipment closet – should it be locked/key fob also.


Next meeting Wednesday March 9, 2011.


Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm

Respectfully submitted

Sue Meyer, President