Overlook EMS Advisory Council

Wednesday, September 14th, 7:30pm




Moment of Silence

            For Dr. Jim Itzcovitz (Past Overlook ER Physician)

            For Michael Kenwood Princeton EMT killed during Hurricane Irene


Approval of Minutes from May Meeting


Emergency Room

Elevator 20 (by Triage) will be out of service for 4 to 6 weeks.  So there will be an MRI trailer where the three spots for transport ambulances are.  The three transport ambulance parking spots will be moved to the other side of the parking lot.  There will be two ambulance spots on Morris Avenue for out patient use of the MRI.


Equipment – still a lot of equipment in the room.  Please check for your equipment when at Overlook.


Concerns about taking patients via wheel chair from charge nurse in main ER out to triage only to be sent back to the charge nurse.  If you have this problem, please email Lou Farrone as soon as you can with date and time so that he can address it with his staff.  Louis.faraone@atlantichealth.org


Concerns about in the midst of transferring patients to stretchers when asked to stop.  Code Gray patients should be put on Code Gray cots which have scales built into them because amount of medication is weight based.  Other stretchers – air part breaks and nurse/tech might want to put an egg crate under to make it more comfortable for the patient.


Squads gave kudos to the ER for their response to the Hurricane.  Felt they were very well prepared.


Dr. Mastro says the volume is still up in the ER over 7% from last year.  Union ER is almost up to the volume of patients they had before they closed and became a Satellite ER. 


Median time for Doctor to Patient contact is less than 30 minutes.  Code STEMI they are working towards a goal of 60 minutes or less for stents.


Please act to your training, even if BLS’d by medics and it is a Trauma, please go to a Trauma center.



Andy (BLS) and Kathy (ALS) will be visiting sites for positive and negative feedback on the Atlantic staff.  They are giving spot awards to employees who go above and beyond.  Barry is no longer a supervisor he got a full time job in New York but he will continue to be Per Diem at Overlook.


Sharps are not the responsibility of BLS.  Make sure the medics clean up the sharps in your vehicles.


ALS thanked BLS during Hurricane Irene for asking where they were and their ETA and not waiting on scene for ALS to arrive.  We all know most roads were flooding and made responses very hard, even though they had extra units on.


Mennan Arena – was a shelter during the Hurricane, which then became an MCI, there was no medical assistance there, people didn’t have medications.  Morristown Hospital called out for an MCI and they had doctors, nurses and staff respond to help out at the arena.



They were fully staffed and with extra people during Hurricane Irene.  On Sunday they had 740 in bound calls which is a huge jump in call volume.  This does not include all the other call outs they had to do.


Thanks to those squads (Union County Ambulance and Union Ambulance) who responded to the Hillside Fire the Sunday of the Hurricane.


All disptachers are trained on the Pro Q&A system. 


Maps are still being updated.


Congratulations to Jack Hamilton and Dave Nye CenCom’s new supervisors


If you have a problem with a call or dispatcher, call CenCom and ask to speak with a supervisor and they will handle the problem or contact the proper people to handle the problem.


They have many new dispatchers


Music Fest this weekend – Field Com will be there


SAVE THE DATE – November 11, 2011 – CenCom’s 30th Anniversary – more information to follow



            Trauma, Triage & Transport class was done – not a large turn out


Old Business



New Business

Elizabeth Fire EMS – is the host agency for the NJ EMS Task Force Medical Ambulance Bus which allows for 18 stretcher patients.  It spent several days down in Atlantic County evacuating people for the Hurricane.  It will be used during Music Fest so please stop by and take a look.  It was purchased with UASI funding.   There will be 7 of these in the state.  It is in service and there are only a few approved drivers.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kari M. Phair




Memo forwarded from John DaSilva, Coordinator MMC ER:


All EMS Personnel:


Morristown Medical Center is proud to announce the opening of our newest Emergency Department expansion.  At 5:00am on September 14, our current Red Zone and ambulance entrance will transition to the newly constructed Red Zone and Trauma area, marking a turning point in our continued delivery of superior emergency care.  The new ambulance entrance will begin to function at that time, allowing secure access for EMS to our department.  During the first few days of our opening, you will be directed by our additional personnel in an effort to assist our valuable volunteer and paid services though our expanded department.


As many of you have already seen, our newly completed ambulance entrance features back-in spaces for at least twelve vehicles delivering patients to the Emergency Department and additional parking for MICU’s.  Once inside, you will have an equipment/backboard storage area and a separate EMS personnel lounge. 


To help “break-in” the new EMS lounge, we are collecting patches from every agency, near and far, that visits Morristown Medical Center.  They will be displayed on the walls representing all volunteer and paid personnel.  Feel free to mail your patch to the address below, to my  attention, or leave it with one of the Emergency Department Technicians during you next visit.


We look forward to a smooth transition and feel free to contact me with any questions.


Thank you.


John DaSilva

Technician Clinical Coordinator

Emergency Department

Morristown Medical Center

Atlantic Health System

100 Madison Ave.

Morristown, N.J.  07962