Minutes of the January 2000 Meeting:

Dan Sullivan called meeting to order after the Educational presentation by Dr. James Iscovitz . 6 Squads and 16 Members present for the meeting.

Present for the meeting were the following people from the following Squads / Dept.'s:

  1. Dan Sullivan - Scotch Plains
  2. Bill McLaughlin - Scotch Plains
  3. Joan Lozowski - Scotch Plains
  4. Phil D'Ambrosio - Fanwood
  5. Howard Meyer - Berkeley Heights
  6. Susan Meyer - New Providence
  7. Barbara Ragone - Cranford
  8. Frank Goodstein - Mobilization
  9. Anne Pacifico - MICU
  10. Jeanne Kerwin - MICU
  11. Dr. James Iscovitz - MD, ED
  12. John Staunton - Summit
  13. Linda Diettrich - Nurse Manager, ED
  14. Kelly Healy - Nurse Manager, Neuro Science
  15. Diane Ficacci - Berkeley Heights
  16. Charles Kleinberg - Berkeley Heights

Missing were representatives from the following squads:

Prior to the start of business, Dr. James Iscovitz & Dr. Saur presented a lecture on strokes.

Issue came up regarding divert or bypass status. Overlook states that if a patient wants to go to Overlook, by all means take them there. 

Minutes circulated on web site & e-mail

Jeanne clarified the new MICU unit and what it will carry and what it won't carry

New Business:

Howie working with a group regarding the HCFA situation.

Chief Parenti will refile the 933 - calls for emergency vehicles to go through red lights without stopping. Dan will put out on web who you can write to. If you know anyone that you can write send to Dan's e-mail address.
E-Mail address is oafasc@rescueteam.com

Dan read a letter from Gillie regarding the EMT-D re-training. Gilly to present at the March 2000 meeting the new standards for EMT-D training

Anyone interested in taking any classes you can contact Debbie Kapral at 973-971-8974.

Frank thanks people for the job they did for New Years Eve and Y2K. 
Frank also thanked everyone for coverage for past incidents re: plane crash after thanksgiving. If your not called don't go. There were a couple of volunteer squads who showed up that were not sent.

Next meeting is Wednesday, March 8, 2000 at 8:00 pm in conference room on the fifth floor.



Overlook Area First Aid Squad Council for meetings held in 2000

These meetings are now being held in the conference rooms on the 5th floor in the main hospital. (Use the same door use would use if you were going to see a patient, take the first hall way on your right - just before the gift shop - the conference room are on your right hand side.) The rooms are posted as to what meeting is in what room

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