Minutes of the May 2000 Meeting:

Meeting was called to order by Dan Sullivan. 7 Squads and 17 Members present for the meeting.

Present for the meeting were the following people from the following Squads/ Dept.’s

  1. Dan Sullivan – Scotch Plains/Westfield
  2. Bill Faust AHS - EMS
  3. Joan Lozowski – Scotch Plains
  4. Phil D’Ambrosio – Fanwood
  5. Howard Meyer – Berkeley Heights
  6. Gillie McKie – Overlook AHS
  7. Frank Goodstein – Mobilization
  8. Anne Pacifico – MICU
  9. Bill McLaughlin – Scotch Plains
  10. Dr. James Iscovitz – MD, ED
  11. Adam Brenner – Millburn - Short Hills
  12. Karen Frohboese – Millburn – Short Hills
  13. Diane Ficacci – Berkeley Heights
  14. Mary Peter – Warren
  15. Gareth Williams – Cencom
  16. John Staunton – Summit

The following squads representatives were not present for the meeting:

Minutes circulated on web site & e-mail

No corrections to minutes from March 2000

Committee Reports:

ER :
There will be expanded hours for the Doctors for the pediatric
emergencies. Plans for the new pediatric center is moving along. Jim discussed the c-ports for cardiac pt’s. Its been going along real well.

MICU – Jeanne Kerwin :
 Overlook will be doing 3 classes for the emergency
evasive driving. Information to be mailed to squads. All new medics are taking class as well. Medics will get first priority and there will be spots for squads. (It’s a good course)

Cencom: No Report

Old Business:
Berkeley Heights looking to get Northstar in for a class in June 12th. Need
at least 75 people. Will send information out

Frank discussed drill in Florham Park. Went well. Frank thanked everyone for participating in the Newark evacuation. Letters should have been sent to squads. Drill in Newark in June of weapons of mass destruction. 

EMS Dinner May 18th at Overlook – 6:30 pm in the auditorium. Invitations to be sent out

New Business
Nominating Committee for Officers for the Council are as follows:

  1. Sue Meyer – New Providence
  2. Rich Jackson – Westfield
  3. Joan Lozowski – Scotch Plains

Report is due in September.

Next meeting is Wednesday, September 13, 2000 at 8:00 pm in conference room on the fifth floor.



Overlook Area First Aid Squad Council for meetings held in 2000

These meetings are now being held in the conference rooms on the 5th floor in the main hospital. (Use the same door use would use if you were going to see a patient, take the first hall way on your right - just before the gift shop - the conference room are on your right hand side.) The rooms are posted as to what meeting is in what room

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