Minutes of the January 1999 Meeting:

Meeting was called to order by Dan Sullivan. 7 Squads and 14 Members present for the meeting.

Present for the meeting were the following people from the following Squads / Dept.'s


Missing were representatives from the following squads:


There are several containers that are out in the ED and they are working. There are scheduled days when the containers are emptied.

RED - regular medical waste - such as bandages, latex gloves

GRAY - regular waste such as regular garbage

BLUE - paper, cardboard

COMMINGLED - glass, aluminum, plastic

LINEN - all linen

If you are not sure of what you have, put whatever it is in the regulated medical waste container.

Copies to be sent to all squads about the Medical Waste Procedure



NorthStar personnel were to show up at the meeting tonight but were not able to make it. They will be rescheduled to come to the March 10,1999 meeting.



Linda Kosnik talked about latex gloves and how squads should switch to vinyl gloves. Apparently a lot of people are allergic to the latex gloves. Linda suggests that the squads go with vinyl gloves. Occupational Health has investigated this. If you would like more information, please call the operator and ask to be transferred to the Occupational Health department.

Linda also talked about the use of the new contamination unit being used recently. She said that the unit worked very well. She also mentioned that Overlook Hospital does have a decontamination unit available.

Frank Goodstein talked about the disaster plan being reworked in the state.

Frank also talked about a weapons course that will be held in Newark. He mentioned that Overlook Hospital should have received a letter and that Overlook needed to let the course leader know who would be taking the course by January 24. He explained how this area was picked to hold the course.

Frank also talked about the recent bus accidents. He mentioned about how much paper work is involved and how the METTAGS were used. He explained how important the METTAGS are and how hospitals participate in drills using the METTAG system.

Howie Meyer talked about bill A933 - wording change on it.

Bill A2321 - which is the defib bill - the way it is written now, the NJSFAC is against this bill.

We were notified that the ER Ambulance Door would be locked to heighten security. An electronic lock will be installed, Karen Eng will provide the combination to the door to all squads before they lock it.

Talked about the EMT-D's and how everyone should be certified and it was brought up that everyone does not want to use the defib and you can't force them into it. They want to try and make this part of the EMT-B program.

Next meeting is Wednesday, March 10, 1999 in conference room 1 on the fifth floor.


Respectfully submitted,

Dan Sullivan

Overlook Area First Aid Squad Council

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