Minutes of the May 12, 1999 Meeting:

Meeting was called to order by Dan Sullivan. 9 Squads and 14 Members present for the meeting.

Prior to the start of business, Gillie McKie presented a lecture on EMS and Latex Allergy.

Any EMT-D issues (such as conduct of training) should be directed to Marrianne Willis at Morristown Memorial Hospital. Clara Byer (MICP) will be the contact at Overlook for any paperwork or QA questions. Clara can be reached by leaving a message at the MICU house. Thanks to Vito for all the hard work in the past.

AED run reports should be placed in a locked box in the equipment locker at OVH. If the box is not in the closet, enclose the report in an envelope and deliver it to the MICU house. When downloading AED run reports from the Heartstream Defibrillators, do not save the information on the computer. When finished ensure that the power is turned off.

March meeting minutes were distributed by e-mail to several persons on the council. If you have any comments or concerns regarding these minutes please let Dan Sullivan know. Distribution of the minutes via e-mail will decrease costs and allows the minutes to be viewed on the OAFAC web site.

Carol Bacon from NorthSTAR reported to the council that there was nothing of significance to address regarding any relevant issues. The JEMSTAR program continues to offer training/familiarization courses to area squads. If there are any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact the crew # for NorthSTAR.

The access code for the ER door remains in effect 7777*.

Housekeeping has been storing items in the equipment closet. This issue will be addressed, and should there be any further problems please contact Karen Eng at (908) 522-2009.

The year 2000 bug (Y2K) may cause unique problems related to EMS. Ensure that all equipment is compliant. Your squad should consider "stocking" items to combat any shortages or runs on various supplies.

New Business:
Letter from Frank Goodstein (2nd Dist, Mobilization Chairperson):

Howie Meyer addressed the need for squads to contact their assembly persons regarding S564 and A621. Please encourage sponsorship of these bills for waiver of DMV license and registration fees for volunteers.

The nominating committee presented the following slate of officers for 1999-2000:

With no other nominations offered from the floor, the above slate of officers was approved and passed.

John Staunton suggested that a review of the OAFAC bylaws be conducted to see if there is any need for revision or change.

Next meeting is Wednesday, September 8, 1999 in conference room on the fifth floor.


Respectfully submitted,
Richard A. Jackson, Vice President
Overlook Area First Aid Council

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