Minutes of the September 8, 1999 meeting:

Meeting was called to order by Dan Sullivan. 9 Squads and 15 Members present for the meeting.

Present for the meeting were the following people from the following Squads / Dept.'s

  1. Bill McLaughlin - Scotch Plains
  2. Phil D'Ambrosio - Fanwood
  3. Linda Kosnik - Overlook ED
  4. Gillie McKie - Overlook MICU
  5. Dan Sullivan - Scotch Plains
  6. Jim Itzcovitz - Overlook ED
  7. Mary Peter - Warren
  8. Howard Meyer - Berkeley Heights
  9. Thomas Moore - Kenilworth
  10. Krista Merklinger - Mountainside
  11. Richard Jackson - Westfield
  12. Joan Lozowski - Scotch Plains
  13. John Staunton - Summit
  14. Kathy Anthony - Madison

Missing were representatives from the following squads:


Looking for support for Senate Bill - Write your assemblyman - fee for registration & drivers license fee to be waived.

Carol Bacon of Northstar is still available For classes. Her number is 973-899-0913.

Access Code to ER door is 7777*.

Prudential still has 50 grants for purchases of AED'S - contact Tom Steele from Prudential.

PD's should inform FD's as well as squads that there should be crew at their buildings on Dec 31st. Also should have coverage from Dec 14th-Jan 10th.

2nd District holding a Union County E.M.S. Meeting September 20th at Scotch Plains Rescue Squad.

New Business:

NJSFAC WEB SITES - People who are interested in getting a free web site for their squads should visit the site http://www.njsfac.org which will bring you to an index of all EMSnetNJ sites Then go to EMSnet - NJ for further instructions

Also on the Web Site for the N.J.S.F.A.C. is the Gold Cross CEU test. Tests available every month. For Information look on the N.J.S.F.A.C. web site for access to Gold Cross.

Should check rig for sharps. Per Gillie you can always call the MICU unit back to get their sharps. Gillie also would like to know about medics who stick sharps in the bench seats.

Linda Diettrick is the Head Nurse for the ER. Lisa Gensch is the new Assistant for the ER as well. Pediatric ER is in operation from 11 AM - 10 PM or a little later 7 days a week. Will have a pediatrician on staff all the time during these hours. If you have a child coming in at 10:15 p.m. - there will be a pediatrician here. May eventually be 24 hours in the near future.

Summit Centennial Parade is Sept 26th. Expect a large turnout. 9 neighboring squads are helping out with parade detail - squad calls. 2nd District mobilization will be there.

Issues about CENCOM came up. Any concerns or comments write to Jean Kerwin or call 908-522-2974

Our minutes and other Overlook Area First Aid Squad Council information is also available at http://oafasc.emsnetnj.net

Next meeting is Wednesday, November 10, 1999 in conference room 1 on the fifth floor.

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan, President
Overlook Area First Aid Squad Council

Schedule for Overlook Area First Aid Squad Council for meetings held in 2000

These meetings are now being held in the conference rooms on the 5th floor in the main hospital. (Use the same door use would use if you were going to see a patient, take the first hall way on your right - just before the gift shop - the conference room are on your right hand side.) The rooms are posted as to what meeting is in what room

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