Minutes of the November 10, 1999, meeting:

Meeting was called to order by Dan Sullivan. 10 Squads and 18 Members present for the meeting.

Present for the meeting were the following people from the following Squads / Dept.'s

  1. Bill McLaughlin - Scotch Plains
  2. Phil D'Ambrosio - Fanwood
  3. Linda Kosnik - Overlook ED
  4. James Espines - Overlook ED
  5. Dan Sullivan - Scotch Plains
  6. Jim Itzcovitz - Overlook ED
  7. Mary Peter - Warren
  8. Howard Meyer - Berkeley Heights
  9. Kathy Anthony - Madison
  10. Jean Lozowski - Scotch Plains
  11. John Staunton - Summit
  12. Kathy Anthony - Madison
  13. Frank Goodstein - NJSFAC Mobilization
  14. Dan Kalem - Springfield
  15. Vinnie Blancuzzi - Berkeley Heights
  16. Linda Stauderman - Chatham
  17. Gareth Williams - Cencom
  18. Duane Ficacci - Berkeley Heights


Missing were representatives from the following squads:



Access Code to ER is 7777*.

Question was raised about coverage for New Years Eve. District Mobilization people will be contacting your squad - what plans does your squad have in place for Y2K, ex. Coverage.

Discussion about police officer coming to hospital re bloodborne pathogens got very frustrated while he was at hospital.

Weapons of mass destruction - courses being put together. In order for you to be an instructor, you have to pass the course.

Lock box for EMT-D run form has been ordered. A printer has been ordered and should be compatible for all AEDs.

Question was raised about the Ryan White forms - yes the forms are by fast track.

New Business:

Jim Itzcovitz discussed stroke issue. One participant asked regarding the three questions for strokes - arm, speech and leg weakness - maybe getting some training to help identify stroke issue and get the patient treated properly and quickly

In January he will discuss a program for Stroke Evaluation in the Pre-Hospital Setting he will identify

Gilly McKie - The lock box for EMT-D/ FR-D run forms has been ordered;

our engineering dept. has promised it will be in place by the end of November.

She contacted PhysioControl re. a cable for down loading info from the LP500.

The cable only works with a specific printer, the Epson LX 300. This printer

is compatible with all AEDs according to PhysioControl. It has been purchased and will be installed this week.

This will be helpful as despite replacing the cartridge in the old printer, it is still very difficult to get a readable AED print out. That particular dot matrix printer is very old and has just worn out! Any squad with an LP500 should purchase their own cable for use with the Epson LX 300.

Just a reminder, any questions relating to EMT or first responder training, including defib courses and renewals should be referred to Maryanne Willis, our EMS Educator (973) 971-5774. Any site issues related to EMT-D such as specific calls, failure to print, low supplies etc. should be referred to Clara Beyer by leaving a message for her at the Overlook MICU (908)522-2125.


NJSFAC WEB SITES - People who are interested in getting a free web site for their squads should visit the site http://www.njcommunity.com/sites/emsnetnj which will bring you to an index of all EMSnetNJ sites Then go to EMSnet - NJ for further instructions

Also on the Web Site for the N.J.S.F.A.C. is the Gold Cross CEU test. Tests available every month. For Information look on the www.leopub.com web site for access to Gold Cross tests.


Linda Diettrick, RN is the Head Nurse for the ER. Her number is 908-522-2148.

Question was raised about tuition credits for EMS and families - Howie explained this.

Our minutes and other Overlook Area First Aid Squad Council information is available at http://oafasc.emsnetnj.net

Dan spoke about getting your paperwork in and Standards Inspections done otherwise you will be kicked out of the New Jersey State First Aid Council.

Overlook will have triple coverage on December 31, 1999 from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. in the Emergency Room

Jeanne Kerwin spoke about HCFA and MICU transports see her statement that is attached

Gareth Williams spoke about CenCom issues, mobilization, etc. Any concerns or comments write to Jean Kerwin, Director of EMS or call 908-522-2974.

Dan Kalem spoke about Medicare issues.

Next meeting is Wednesday, January 12, 2000 at 7:30 p.m. in conference room 1 on the fifth floor.


Respectfully submitted,

Jean Lozowski


Overlook Area First Aid Squad Council

Schedule for Overlook Area First Aid Squad Council for meetings held in 2000

These meetings are now being held in the conference rooms on the 5th floor in the main hospital. (Use the same door use would use if you were going to see a patient, take the first hall way on your right - just before the gift shop - the conference room are on your right hand side.) The rooms are posted as to what meeting is in what room

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