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Squad Members Support Frozen Turkey Drive

Mon, 2014-12-01 00:00 -- John Staunton

Once again, members of the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad were out in force to help the Annual Frozen Turkey Drive on November 23.  The event is organized by the Other Fellow First Foundation, and takes place each year on Union Place just accross from The Summit Diner, also a supporter of the event.  This year also included a "Frozen Turkey Ride" sponsored by Hilltop Bicycles.  Four members of the First Aid Squad were among the almost 40 riders who participated in 12-mile ride from Hilltop Bicyles that included a stop at Kings Food Market in Summit to purchase a frozen turkey to be deliivered by the bike convoy to the collecytion point on Union Place.

Summit First Aid Squad riders were (L-R) Jonh Christmann, Steve Mortenson, Kenn Herr and James Rath (Photo by John Staunton).