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'Tis the Season... for Ambulance Calls!

Tue, 2015-12-15 16:05 -- John Staunton

It’s not uncommon for members of the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad to see an increase in calls during major holidays or during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Year.  That was certainly true last weekend when squad volunteers answered 22 emergency calls between Saturday morning and Monday evening.

Not only was the on duty crew busy, but on 4 occasions, off duty volunteers responded to staff additional ambulances needed for multiple simultaneous calls.  On Saturday, all 3 Squad ambulances were used to answer 3 separate calls the came in rapid succession. Off duty members were called in again on Sunday when 2 medical calls occurred at nearly the same. And on Monday evening, the Squad again pressed 3 ambulances into services for unrelated medical calls at 3 residences.  Responses included a CPR save, a mutual aid medical call in neighboring Millburn, and the delivery of a healthy baby boy. The Summit First Aid Squad operates 24 hours a day and always has an assigned crew on duty which handles the vast majority of calls.  When the duty crew is committed to another emergency, off duty members are alerted by pager, radio and a smart phone app of the need for additional personnel. 

Among the most gratifying accomplishments for a squad member are saving a life using a skill such as CPR and/or a defibrillator and assisting with the delivery of a baby.  “Events like that only happen a few times a year” said Squad Chief Kari Phair.  “We’ve never seen both happen on the same day.”

During the Squads’ general meeting Monday night, Mayor Ellen Dickson congratulated the 3 members who helped deliver a baby: James Rath, Paul Raynolds and Katherine Ganger.

The all volunteer First Aid Squad is always looking for new members to join its ranks. All needed training, uniforms and equipment is provided. For information, please call 908-277-9479, Click Here